A new dating game based on gender differences

Did you know that men and women act quite differently from each other when searching for a partner? Yourcles is a totally unique online game and dating service, which helps men and women find friends and significant others based on the difference between real-life male and female search behavior. In the Yourcles environment, men and women follow their respective partner hunt patterns set in the rules of the exciting game process, which can result either in serious relationships or meeting interesting people for short-term fun.

Traditionally, a man looks for a woman he likes and tries to win her heart, while she makes her choice based upon the proposals she gets. Yourcles takes this natural process of interaction between men and women online – enhanced with game elements.

The central concept of the service is a Circle, which contains a photo of a woman surrounded by a certain number of men who like her. A woman can have only one circle of male followers for making her selection, while a man can join many women’s circles. Various activities are going on in the circles, allowing women to get rid of unwanted men and choose those they like. Circles have limited lifetime and finite number of participants.

A woman's circle gives her the opportunity to attract men’s attention, create a comfortable communication setting and choose a suitable partner.

For a man, participating in a circle is an opportunity to find a woman and win her heart. While taking part in the thrilling competition process, he has a chance to stand out from the other men of the circle.

Existing social networks and dating services do not take into account the differences between the genders, leaving the process routine, plain and, ultimately, boring. Yourcles makes the woman’s choice more conscious, and the man’s achievements more apparent. Moreover, all activities take place in a naturally friendly atmosphere.